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Once the Clearing the Ice Trilogy concluded with This Piece of Our Being, readers immediately requested more hockey romances featuring characters who played a central role in Caryn and Andrew’s saga. One of the most requested characters, Lauren Gentry kicks off the new spin-off series, Tampa Suns Hockey, in Healthy Scratch.

If you’ve read any of the books in the Clearing the Ice Trilogy, you know that Lauren’s an independent and success-oriented person who’s likely to blurt what’s on her mind before she considers the consequences. Well, true to her nature, Lauren certainly took control of her story and traveled in a direction I never anticipated! That’s one of the best benefits for an author—at least for me! You may think you know the general plot structure…but many times as characters develop, they throw a curve ball at your plot and you find yourself writing something you had not considered. I’ve learned to go where the main characters lead and just enjoy the journey!

Dealing with cyber-bullying never once played a part in the Healthy Scratch I thought I’d create. But suddenly I found myself taking a look at adult bullying, especially online, and discovered the topic did play a large factor in Healthy Scratch. Likewise, I didn’t know the many layers that created the relationship-adverse Lauren Gentry, nor did I anticipate her journey to confront her demons and understand her past. Many authors call this style of writing “pantsters” (writing by the seat of your pants) as opposed to the more traditional method of developing structured outlines and detailed character descriptions before beginning that first draft. Honestly, I’ve hated outlining since I was in middle school—my brain just doesn’t work that way. So, as they say, you play the hand you’re dealt!

Just in case you missed the “New Release” promotion for Healthy Scratch, you’ll find the details below. (Who’d imagine that Facebook would go dark, along with its family of apps, on the day after we released Heathy Scratch.) 

As a little Saint Patrick’s Day Flash Sale, you can grab This Piece of My Soul for just $.99 through March 17. That’s a savings of $3.00—maybe enough to enjoy your favorite green beverage this Sunday!

Yes, I’m already collecting suggestions for the next book in the series. Feel free to add yours after you’ve read Healthy Scratch!Healthy Scratch

He wants out of the friend zone…she doesn’t believe in happily ever after.

Relationships are not in Lauren Gentry’s playbook. The only kind she’s willing to consider are friends-with-benefits and even a red-hot and sexy hockey player like Dave Martin isn’t going to change that. Right?

When those chocolate brown eyes threaten to melt her defenses she has to remind herself that demons from her past could rise up at any moment. Which is going to be pretty hard to do, since she loses herself every time they touch.

Dave used to love the benefits that came easily to professional athletes; especially when they were in the form of puck bunnies who only wanted one night. But when he meets the pint-sized girl with bewitching green eyes and sun-streaked auburn hair his outlook suddenly changes.

He wants forever with Lauren. Now he just has to convince her.

Can Lauren risk everything for the man she’s secretly been falling for? Or will her past stop her from taking a chance on love?

Healthy Scratch—book #1 of the Tampa Suns Hockey Series—is a standalone romance whose main characters’ lives are intertwined with those introduced in The Clearing the Ice Trilogy. You don’t need to read the trilogy to enjoy Healthy Scratch. The book stands on its own, promises HEA, and no cliffhangers! To heighten your enjoyment of the Tampa Suns Hockey Series, you may wish to read The Clearing the Ice Trilogy.

New Release

New Release

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