Changing Seasons….Suddenly It’s Autumn…

When my calendar reminded me last Thursday that it was the last day of Summer, a twinge of sadness followed. I love Summer; always have—from the happy-go-lucky days of my youth to the years as a mom enjoying activities with my sons during the Summer months. (Promise, I never celebrated the beginning of the school year.) Even though it’s still in the ’80’s and my garden’s still producing veggies, this change of seasons to Autumn always brings a touch of melancholy…another year is slipping by. Next week, the MLB Playoffs begin (Go Braves!), and then the puck drops on the 2018-2019 NHL Season (Let’s Go Rangers!). What’s your favorite season? Comment below and I’ll select a winner at random for some fun SWAG. (May include items pictured—or other goodies!) 

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Red Hot Hockey Star.
Fate placed them on a collision course.
Will the sweet summer romance cool when autumn leaves begin to fall?
Or will the sizzle of anticipated passion warm this couple through the long winter to come?

This Piece of My Heart is the first book in Robyn M. Ryan’s hockey romance series, Clearing the Ice. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but the journey continues in This Piece of My Soul and concludes with This Piece of Our Being.

What’s Next for this Series? Hope you like Surprises!

Healthy Scratch, the next book and the first of the newly branded Tampa Suns Series, already has taken on a life of its own. Lauren Gentry and Dave Martin somehow have hijacked the plot—I’m just following the characters, and we’ll see where they take us! Look for Healthy Scratch in early 2019. Here’s an unedited peek into the new book!

To set the stage: Lauren Gentry lives “in the moment” and backs away from any commitment when it comes to men. Even hot, sexy hockey players like Dave Martin, who can melt her defenses with just a glance. Lauren enjoys friendship with benefits, but anything further is not in her playbook.

Her relationship phobia stems from her role models as a young child, adolescent, and through her university years. Her mother’s and sisters’ motto—”Don’t trust men. They want only one thing. Enjoy it if you choose, but don’t give your heart. You’ll only get hurt”—guides her decisions and defines Lauren’s actions and reactions even as a successful twenty-something career professional. Can Lauren come to terms with the past and grab happiness while it’s in reach? Or will Lauren continue to follow her mother’s example and her sisters’ advice, or can she take a different, riskier path that may deliver the happiness and love she’s always craved?

Healthy Scratch Sneak Peak

“Hey, I know you can handle this yourself. It’s just an offer. No need to get your feathers ruffled.”

Lauren stared at Dave. “Feathers ruffled? Hardly. I don’t need some guy playing white knight. I’m not a damsel in distress.” Her irritation deepened as he laughed quietly.

“I would never think of you as a damsel in distress. And I’m not ‘some guy.’ We’re at least friends, right?”

Lauren crossed her arms. “If you say so.” She turned her back and pretended to examine the the car’s roof. Friends. Sure. Friends with too many benefits. Helping to buy a car? Loaning me money? That’s not exactly…

Her thoughts blanked as Dave’s hands gripped her shoulders and spun her toward him. His eyes flashed and she flinched at his expression. “If you think I’m here because we’re…” He shook his head, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her toward him. There was nothing gentle about the kiss. Demanding. Punishing. Seeking an answer. Lauren tried to pull back, but his mouth was insistent. His other hand brushed the hair away from her face, and those butterflies started fluttering in her chest.

Lauren’s arms found their way around his neck, and she pressed against him as her knees began to wobble. She felt herself melting against his solid chest, and Dave wrapped his arms around her. He ended the kiss and murmured in her ear. “We are more than friends, Lauren. When will you accept that?”

She shut her eyes as the words flowed through her, leaning her face against his chest. She was light-headed, not believing she’d heard correctly. Terrified that she had.

Enjoy the change of seasons

Maybe make a pile of leaves for your kids to jump into—or jump into it yourself! Find a beautiful leaf and use wax paper to preserve it…and definitely time to decorate your front porch / door with mums and pumpkins! Thanks so much for your support!

~ Robyn

© 2018 Robyn M. Ryan


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