Summertime and the Living (and Reading) is Easy!

This song plays through my mind from the moment the temps rise above 80°. Summertime always brings back childhood memories of those magical twelve weeks’ school vacation that stretched endlessly before you. A time when you and the other kids in your neighborhood popped outside right after breakfast and traveled from yard-to-yard playing whiffle ball, tag, hide and seek, or “exploring” the fields and streams that ran through the back of everyone’s yard.

Often, we didn’t return home until supper. We ate lunch wherever we found ourselves (bless the moms!). Of course, life was simpler then. We didn’t play video games, surf the web, text, snap chat, or even sit in front of a TV (unless a baseball game was broadcast). High-tech didn’t exist, but we did build plastic model airplanes and cars and constructed forts and tree houses. (We never knew what we’d “miss” just “a few” decades in the future.)

A favorite activity took us to the public library where we could check out books to read when lounging in the hammock or just lying in the grass. All the books in the Little House on the Prairie series, later the Trixie Belden mysteries, nurtured a lifetime love of reading.

Summer reading today often resides in electronic formats on iPads, Kindles, or other e-Readers. Thanks to a flurry of Summertime promotions, you can fill your e-reader to capacity with free and low-cost books in every genre. From NY Times and USA Today Best-Sellers to amazing new emerging authors, you’ll find books for every taste. Just keep reading!


Nine authors, nine romance genres, FREE or just $.99 Summertime Reads! Plus a Giveaway!

Jackie Weger’s Count the Roses is a sweet romance in Cajun Country. Travel with Jennifer DeWitt from New Orleans—that humid, high-stepping city of music and magic on the Mississippi River to the depths of Louisiana swamps where real life happens. And a sexy Cajun just happens to live. Just $.99.

Love Like Crazy, Carmen DeSousa’s coming-of-age romance is just $.99College and career are hard enough without bringing love into the mix… But when Jesse and Kayla meet, their dreams merge into one. Until tragedy strikes. Now thrust into a world of grief, others insist they are too young. But when you find the love of your life, all you can do is hold on and Love Like Crazy.

Book time on the Masquerade by the Sea, Traci Hall’s $.99 contemporary romance. Captain Jolie Gordon owns the Masquerade, a fishing boat turned pleasure-cruiser on its last sail.  Ex-ski instructor Heath Hamilton boards for his brother’s wedding, angry and hurt. Nobody is more surprised than him when he agrees to bartend for Jolie over a sizzling hot summer.

What can beat a four-book psychological thriller for just $.99? AB Plum’s The MisFits Books 1-4 may keep you up late turning pages. A misfit at 10. A monster at 11. A serial killer at 14. Globetrot across four continents with a psychopath smarter than Lector and brighter than Dexter! Hold your breath as he falls madly in love for the first time.

Next up—a FREE historical mystery romance by Colleen Connally. Seductive Secrets~ Lord Julian Casvelyn has lived with guilt brought on when his brother was murdered by England’s most infamous traitor. One eventful night has changed everything he believed about his brother’s death. Never did he suspect the woman he has just saved from certain harm is the daughter of that man.

Athora: A Mystery Romance set on the Greek Islands by Kostas Krommydas will take you on a virtual Greek tour, fraught with mystery for just $.99. Fotini is looking forward to a romantic summer vacation on the remote island of Athora with the seductive Gabriel. Instead, they are caught in a terrible storm-and a string of murders.

Julie Frayn’s Pocketful of Bones offers psychological romance for just $.99. A sensuous and dark psychological thriller: Young Finnegan passes time in his mother’s garden while she entertains “dates” — but when he finds human remains beneath her flowerbeds, his curiosity about the woman who raised him blooms into an obsession.

Next up: Lorena Angell’s A Diamond in My Pocket, an urban young adult romance that includes superpowers, supernatural and the metaphysical. FREE! Sixteen-year-old Calli Courtnae is the latest person to exhibit a rare DNA alteration. Whisked away to a “training facility” that promises to provide her with safety while she adjusts to her new abilities, she discovers a secret that spans many generations, and a mission that is doomed for failure.

For the first time Robyn M. Ryan’s contemporary hockey romance, This Piece of My Soul is FREE. They believe love conquers all…Until it doesn’t. Andrew and Caryn Chadwick’s world shatters when an on-ice accident threatens Andrew’s life. As both struggle to deal with internal demons unleashed by the accident, fear, distrust, and betrayal may destroy the love they’d believed would overcome all. (This Piece of My Hearts special $.99 price and This Piece of Our Being‘s special $2.99 provide the opportunity to buy the complete trilogy for the lowest price ever!)

Buzz Books—Wonderful Source for Summertime Reads!


Buzz Books features romances across many genres. Each month brings you a selection of free, discounted, or extended book previews. If you like romance, you’ll likely find several books to add to your reading list! Bookmark the site and visit regularly—Buzz Books features a new selection each month each month!


About Robyn M. Ryan…Chicago born, honorary Atlanta native, Parisienne at heart. Proud 60’s Flower Child. “Fearless” barrier-breaker for female sports journalists and minor leaguebatpersons.” While at UGA, scored PR internship with Atlanta Flames NHL team, during its first season. Interviewed future MLB and NHL Hall of Fame members, published in a variety of print media. Wife, mom, PR professional, and finally, 35 years later, published author. Two Westie grand-dogs pretty much run the household.

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