Forget the Worst Sports Town in the US and the City Whose Fans Do Not Deserve a Championship, a real estate site, conducted its own survey and concluded that Hotlanta earned the designation as the Most Redneck City in the U.S.

Now this is an honor Atlantans can embrace. Never mind that Movoto’s criteria for determining redneckedness in no way resembles the true nature of the term. Riding mower repair shops? Taxidermists (seriously)? Cowboy boots? Ammo? NASCAR tracks…well, maybe.

Try Patriotic. Flag waving patriotic. A Get-‘er-Done work ethic. Strangers who show up with chain saws in their Made in the United States Ford F-150’s to clear trees that just leveled a garage or  block a street. Job done, it’s on to the next neighbor in need—even if that neighbor happens to live 50 miles away and they’ve never met.

Of course, not all NASCAR fans are rednecks, but in a natural disaster, national or any other kind of emergency, definitely would choose the Atlanta Motor Speedway in the midst of a Sprint Cup Race to ride out the crisis. With our Nation’s Finest providing security, parking lots full of motor homes outfitted with some primo tailgate gear, stands packed with fans (many of whom embrace the redneck state of mind)… can’t think of any situation they couldn’t handle.

And speaking of NASCAR, Charlotte’s Coca-Cola 600 certainly had its share of weird moments. A cable supporting Fox’s Track Cam snapped and whipped across the track and stands, injuring ten fans and seriously disabling several Gen 6 cars driving almost 200 miles-per-hour. This Red Flag caution will rival Daytona’s Jet Dryer Incident in NASCAR lore.

And even though Charlotte is not the Redneck Capital of the U.S., betcha many of those rushing to aid the fans injured by the cable proudly claim membership in the Redneck Nation.

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