Author Rachelle Reese introduced me to a new—for me—literary genre through a delightful series of novels, Dime Store Novels. Although I’m brand new to paranormal romance and fantasy, the romance part’s up my alley… well, truth be told, so’s the fantasy angle!

Rachelle agreed to give us a glimpse into her fictional world by penning a guest blog and by giving away free Kindle downloads of her latest (my personal favorite) Dime Store Novel, The Reunion, through July 16. Please enjoy Rachelle’s post:

Hanover felt a tremor. The same tremor he’d felt the first time they’d kissed, hiding under the back porch steps. Funny how they’d picked the same hiding place, not just that time, but more times than not. But that day Toledo’s sundress had fallen down over her shoulder, and he’d seen her skin shining like homemade caramel, hot and ready to pull. He’d put his lips to it to see if it was as sweet as it looked. Toledo had sighed, and pressed her lips against his. When the kiss was done, they’d backed away and skulked into opposite corners of the hiding place. Alley-alley all come free! their friend had called.

Hanover Fist

That’s a quote from “The Baptism,” one of the first Dime Store Novel stories we ever wrote. We published it as a short story in Mind of a Mad Man. It provides a glimpse into the relationship between Hanover Fist and Toledo Cats.

Hanover and Toledo grew up together, spending their days playing games. They went rafting down the Mississippi, pretending to be Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, played Catch the Flag with the swamp nymphs, and shot marbles. It was all just innocent fun—all just games.

Although he wouldn’t call himself one, Hanover is a sportsman. Swampy teaches him to track game, hunt, and pole a flat-bottomed boat. O’Malley teaches him to box. Toledo (and in later stories, Mary and Regan) teaches him teamwork. To Hanover, life remains a game—solve the crime, catch the criminal, win the prize.

Toledo Cats

In The Reunion, Toledo learns a secret she can never tell Hanover. The stakes of the game are high, the players powerful, and Hanover is not as invulnerable as he thinks he is.

Rachelle Reese is the coauthor of the Dime Store Novel series and two short story collections: Bones of the Woods and Mind of a Mad Man. The Kindle edition of latest book in our Dime Store Novel series, The Reunion, is free through Monday July 16.  The Dime Store Novel characters blog at

Rachelle lives deep in the woods with her husband, dogs, cats, a herd of cows, three donkeys, and a guinea hen. You can follow @RachelleReese and one of their dogs @RagabashGirl on Twitter.


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